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Cutting edge in painting. Zebra, giraffes & mountain Matterhorn in Switzerland, Artist Chris Staebler. Oil Paintings on Sale.

Zebra an a amazing beautiful photorealistic oil painting and a deeper concerning subject, which is climate change. It is also an homage to this really great swiss mountain which towers over the humans even today.

The climate change made it possible - Now in the Alps of Switzerland. What you never saw before…and wont see again...

Again I thought - This idea to settle african animals below the Matterhorn, was also initiated by an amazing oil painting by Chris Staebler and fulfilled in collaboration with Love Art Passion .com - again the had forgotten to paint a part of the mountain white. You know now days all snow has gone.

(Reuters) The days are here right now, where many land mass already is lost to rising sea levels.

The humanity is sheltering in the Mountains all around the world. Anyway we could just manage to rise the global output on robots and new systems with rising pollution. Considering growth which only profits rich people, leads us to our conclusion of further good economy in this year 3030.

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6:16 min. Stop Insects & Rats. No Chemicals. CNN iReport