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Contemporary art, a blue waves design in rainbow colours. Element water a beautiful painting, the transformation wave to energy.

An image of the nature of earth in a abstract definition. An extraordinary symbiosis, impressive, great and timeless.

The transformation of a wave in energy. The wave is a flower of the water she bears immense beauty and power.

Lights get broken in the wave which functions as a huge prism. Flow like the water do not give resistance, this may be the secret of life.

Life and water are deeply related. We came out of the water literally. Power of water is cleaning, healing and purifying - Spirit, mind and body.

Most is the power of water when the colours of the prism get unveiled.
It only happens on certain days, when you see the glittering of colours like scales of a paradise fish. Then swim there in the waves and heal in the infinite colours of powers because life came out the ocean. Also the mixture of life essence solution was made in water. There all began, anyway all was done simultaneously from the big bang to now. Because time and space are just day dreams.

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