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Art Videos. A New Way to Experience Your Senses. Videos with Stories & Sound

We made a beautiful video 4K with story and sound effects for each oil painting. Artist Chris Staebler, Founder LoveArtPassion™. Art adventure you never experienced before. Our beautiful & challenging oil paintings have worldwide views and immersive impact. Explore fantasy and beauty.
We publish Global & Good Ideas LoveArtPassion™ too.
Video. Our method Staeblering. Stop insects & rats. Save lives & energy. Prevents disease, dust & smog. CNN iReport.
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Element Water. Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. 47.6 x 47.6 in = 121 x 121 cm. An image of the nature and beauty of earth in an abstract definition. Impressive, great and timeless artwork.
Oil on Canvas. Contemporary art. Artist Chris Staebler. Web Developer & Founder LoveArtPassion. Global & Good Ideas. Oil Paintings on sale. Videos. Software Development & Website.

Transformation of Wave to Energy. A wave is a flower of water she bears immense beauty and power. Lights get broken in the wave, the water functions as a huge prism. The energy radiating from the prism, that is the water light energy field, the cosmic flow. Flow like the water do not give resistance, this may be the secret of life.
Life and water are deeply related. We came out of the water literally. Power of water is cleaning, healing and purifying - Spirit, mind and body. Water is most energetic, when the colours of the prism get unveiled. It only happens on certain days, when the glittering of colours appear like scales of a paradise fish. Then swim in the prism waves and heal. Life came out of the ocean that's our root. The mixture of life essence solution was made in water. There all began.
All was done simultaneously from the big bang to now.

Android System Version 17.05. Year 2050.
Android System Version 116.05. Latest Update in the Year 2055.
Last Judgement. Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. 63 x 56.3 in = 160 x 143 cm. The last judgment is an excellent and challenging oil painting. Invest in oil paintings an idea of high return. See impressive oil painting, the last judgment on the river of love. Excellent idea, invest. Quality oil paintings of emerging site and Swiss artist Chris Staebler

And as the Blood Drops fall the Earth is Shaking. Then the androids bring you to the eternal fire. I was in despair, first they removed my skin and told me that without skin I am looking more like them. The Android System of the Last Judgement in The Year 2055. They may even accepted me in their ranks. Anyway, they said they have another religion. 'What's your religion'? They asked me. As I was skinless I had to tell the truth: 'I have none of your religions, I am free'. Then I awaited my last judgment on the river of love.
We could also look differently at this picture. Now the one on the cane bleeding out of the finger is the android and the humans are this faceless beings. And now the humans bring their new god to worship. They helped to pull the skinless god corps out from the depth in the river of love. It was the memory and the brain power of our age, cold AI, a new system more human like than the remaining human entities. Always the system must be cooled deep in the rivers.
True, the android were the only entity with some remaining feelings left.
Eye - Contest. Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler.Available. Price Negotiable. 72.8 x 39.4 in = 185 x 100 cm. Eye a wonderful oil painting, art movement surrealism. The Eye in a bizarre, visionary landscape. Contest by woman and elephant. On Sale by www.LoveArtPassion.com®.

Contest by Woman and Elephant. Watch and be watched of the eyes in a bizarre landscape. Contest is timed by a clock with multiplying eyes. As contest begins, squeezed eye produces many small eyes. All of them again will participate in a contest - endless. I left the table where I played with a bottle, girl and elephant. I stood up and dived in to the black pupil. I think this eye is looking at you and me. Is it the so cold big eye watching you? Now the clock start to ring it is over for now.
I just left the table with my space toys and was moving out of the extra dimension. Which was created when the big eye appeared for the first time at the rising. Now constantly they are watching us and what we do.
There are small eyes watching small things you do and the big eye which sees through your heart and beyond.

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