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Valley creates a windows at home. Dive in other worlds. Acrylic painting on canvas. Part of contemporary art.

Acrylic on canvas. Valley, the home within you. Buy paintings, create windows to other worlds at home. Contemporary art, LoveArtPassion - Worldwide Enterprise.

Lay down in the magic valley and rest. Valley - Acrylic on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Then when you hear my song you will wake up and understand. I will be next of you, you feel my heart beat. Now you know I am your friend.

We really should do that every day - Nothing.

Imagine what & how ten minutes of nothing could be in our stressed life. This could be our own time jump, to where ever we like and seek. It is really relaxing, once a day try to do nothing. Lay on the ground on a mat and just - Be.

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6:16 min. Stop Insects & Rats. No Chemicals. CNN iReport