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Universe is an acrylic painting. A beautiful & expensive idea - what to hang on walls. Swiss Artist, Chris Staebler

Woman gives life to a new universe. Decorate house, hang our beautiful & expensive paintings on walls. Rising swiss artist, Chris Staebler

Universe - Acrylic on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler. Art movement fantastic.

Which divides immediately in a blue and red stream. She stands there on the red lake which flows into the blue and red channel of the brain. Red is the colour of blood and blue is for the water. We need both to live and the universe gives us plenty.

An amazing painting fantastic in its subjects & colours. It also shows that the power of creation of new life & galaxies still lays in the women powers.

When you walk the lands of universe. Then keep focused do not drift to the other worlds which are floating like liquid layers of colours. You will encounter the snake with his friend eye and the black and white eagle. The full moon which rules these worlds will lead you the way of the shaman.

7:06 min. Stop Rats. Stopping Insects too. CNN iReport

Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

2:32 min. Oil on Canvas - Relaxing Music 1 - Dreams & Reality