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Spiral of life a wonderful painting in oil. Experience life, the DNA structure of all life in the world. Oil on canvas in your house is highly decorative & valuable.

Spiral of life, unveils the DNA structure of life. Wonderful oil painting - dream. Oil on canvas, makes your house in all the world more beautiful & expensive.

Spiral of life, the snake figures the DNA structure of life - Picture Name: Spiral of Life - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Skull and woman mirroring the changes in life. The skull flies over the lost valley which has the origin in Jupiter.

The cosmic snake winds his body, which is the DNA of life. Lei, the sexy girl has no fear to contemplate the snake. She feels, that it is her friend which started the never ending evolution.

The same structure of DNA exists, in the mounting of parallel universe in the centre of a electro sphere over a wormhole.

We all are going the path of the DNA structure. Where might it lead us in the constant evolution of all life on earth and beyond. Through new techniques and sciences we will travel far beyond our known universe - Until the never ending DNA is unveiled.

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