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Spinning in You, a Magic Live Experience Painting & Music an Adventure

Painting with music. Spinning in You, is a sense immersive adventure. Painted out of subconsciousness. We are thrilled to give you a good adventure & web site experience - Love Art Passion.

Spinning in You or Space Gyroscope. Wonderful Painting & Showing you the Way to Go

For month and month I was on this old space ship, with its "Space Gyroscope" firmly pointing to a far off system in the next galaxy.
To get any direction important in your life, just twirl the Space Gyroscope. Then follow the direction it points. You always get surprised, if you do not follow your everyday routine and surf some interstellar travels instead.

Spinning in You, the Revelation of Subconsciousness. A Paint Session Experience

As longer were concentrating on the painting as more our mind & soul just got one. During this painting we two friends just melted in to one person. The outer border of body where no longer existing and still it was spinning, then falling, then spinning, then falling...

5:11 min. Re. Avoid Cold Draft by Air-con. Living Better. Home

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4:35 min. Beautiful Oil Paintings & Pictures 5 - Escape All the Way