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Sky dome a beautiful painting. Buy Oil Paintings with a high quality of a rising artist.

Like a sky dome. Buy high quality oil paintings of rising swiss artist Chris Staebler. Discovered staeblering - how to stop insects. Good idea & global spread. Cheap, effective & no chemicals. This constellation makes us guess a high revenue of money invested in this oil paintings.

Temple in blue. Blue sky with revealing mercury and jupiter. Sky Dome - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

I stand here divine white in blue in the cosmic space. Times ago I was build for a special religion which I just inherit. Then came the time when Jupiter was the tangent of Mercury. It was the time of peace and freedom. I was free of any religion and that is why all people came inside of me to celebrate.
Blue has a relaxing effect on mind & body. The vibration length is like, when you are in good mood & satisfied. The planet Jupiter stands for good fortune and Mercury is the messenger. All the means good news are on the way. Perhaps immaterial things, deep sights in your inner behaviours, trips on the blue ocean and feeling one with sky and universe.

Blue white & going into transparent spheric. The temple which gave up its religion

A beautiful picture with all the powers of a blue radiation & transcendence. It lets you drift away first with some thoughts & sorrows, later you feel the effects of the picture and you feel really free.

7:06 min. Stop Rats. Stopping Insects too. CNN iReport

Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

2:32 min. Oil on Canvas - Relaxing Music 1 - Dreams & Reality