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Secrets of atlantis a fine art creation with the special touch for perfection. Oil paintings on sale.

Atlantis secrets, woman nude. Fine art with special touch for world & universe. Oil paintings on sale. Good subjects & deeper meanings. Visionary pictures, glimpse of future development.

Secrets of atlantis a woman nude. Secrets of Atlantis - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Ants, rose garden and the secret of the one dollar pyramid. The hyper-mirrors were activated and all the colours radiated.
I called my girlfriend she was standing in the rose garden. Anyway many things were changing I thought and noticed the ants everywhere even creeping up her leg. The ants were eating anything these days. Still we had the dauphins which could rescue us from sinking Atlantis and bring us in the other world.

Within this picture, which first appearance is very innocent, lays the secret of utterly destruction. Resulting in ants attacking every life forms but also dissolving even mater.

All that lead to the fall of Atlantis. More and more the world became transparent just eaten up by ants. Completely hallow was the world and also the mind of this super society. Reminding us of our own doom.

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