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Red Rose in the Orion, Universe in the background. A painting about Love, Imagination & Beyond. Artist Chris Staebler

Universe & Orion with its Red Rose. Painting of love, imagination & far beyond. Artist, Christian Staebler, founder Love Art Passion. Discovered, staeblering

Rose in the Orion. My love. Nothing is as far and near as you. Oil on Canvas.

My love which is always reemerging out of the vortex of the petals of the rose. It is the time tunnel that I take to be with you instantly. There you know, in the Orion is our meeting place.
Look at the picture for a while to get into whirling fluid petals.

It is the precious flower we all seek but cannot reach. When found it dissolves mostly over time into black mater.

It is so fragile this flower and it grows constantly, so it is very hard to smell the beautiful fresh scent. Smell at the petals, it triggers the feeling, like a trip. Because there near the centre, the scent is unique and a source of love and a strong aphrodisiac. The power of this fifth element is immense it can lift or destroy you.

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