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Metamorphosis, Beautiful Music. Atmospheric & World Sound

Metamorphosis beautiful music album. English & french songs. Sound style: Atmospheric, world, classical & meditation. Inspiring & relaxed music.
Composed & played by Chris Staebler®, founder LoveArtPassion™

Metamorphosis & Transformation Happen in Every Moment - Realize

Download free our immersive & unique music - Free for private use only
Lead instrument, traversal flute. Sounds like in a transparent huge dom, placed with out wall in the nature of the world. Synthesiser, voice, mix & composition
by Chris Staebler© Read Biography

Atmospheric music which lets you drift away. Meditation music and natural sounds which are going deep in your mind and relax you.

Music which opens your awareness to the power of the inner silence, this is the endless source of energy we have to tap. In today's busy, ever changing world, it is good and healthy to have a direct connection to our body and spirit, through music and visual art, to inspire, reactivate and vitalise. Let us feel the powerful and beautiful energy we are made of.

A great product LoveArtPassion composes music for advertisements & songs. Jazz, Pop, World, Classical & Meditation.

On Sale. Best Quality Oil Paintings. Impressive in Subject, Themes & Technique. Artist Christian Staebler

Contemporary art. Different styles and art movements like: surrealism, photorealism, phantasy, symbolism etc.

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Download the mp3 | Track01     Mantra - The good wish
Download the mp3 | Track02     Call of the whales
Download the mp3 | Track03     You universe to me
Download the mp3 | Track04     Escape, Classical
Download the mp3 | Track05     The sea, Classical
Download the mp3 | Track06     Paradise
Download the mp3 | Track07     Metamorphosis