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Beyond, Great Music Album. Universal Sound & Atmospheric

Beyond is a great music album. English & french songs. Universal Sounds: Atmospheric, world, classical. Beautiful & meditative music.
Composed & played by Chris Staebler®, founder LoveArtPassion™

Music lets you Travel Beyond - Thoughts and Dreams

Download free our immersive & unique music - Free for private use only
Lead instrument, traversal flute. Sounds are universal, understood of our subconsciousness and have great influence in our inner peace. Synthesiser, voice, mix & composition
by Chris Staebler© Read Biography

Beyond all thoughts and dreams there is a universal world. Reach universe.

Do not torture yourself by listening the today's standard ruff sounds and endless repeating tunes. Do not destroy your natural feelings to music and sounds of nature. Today we just get manipulated by big players in money. They judge and select what you have to hear. A lot of music, just will harm your nervous system. In fact, music is a healing power but there are of course destructive and harmful tunes.

A great product LoveArtPassion composes music for advertisements & songs. Jazz, Pop, World, Classical & Meditation.

On Sale. Best Quality Oil Paintings. Impressive in Subject, Themes & Technique. Artist Christian Staebler

Contemporary art. Different styles and art movements like: surrealism, photorealism, phantasy, symbolism etc.

LAP shows you best oil on canvas beautiful and challenging which are on sale.

7 Art Videos with Atmospheric Music. See Best Oil Paintings & Pictures on Sale. Show Beautiful & Impressive Videos

Other Good Tips & Best Ideas like staeblering (english, español, français). 6 Global Ideas & Art Videos with Music.
Made as art videos with atmospheric music. Relax with beautiful music, oil paintings and get to know some of the best tips.
Especially "staeblering" - Save lives and energy. Stop insects and rats. No chemicals. Counter diseases like
chagas, dengue, malaria etc. Save worldwide 15 billion dollars.

Download the mp3 | Track01     Crystal sound
Download the mp3 | Track02     A mon amour
Download the mp3 | Track03     Opening, Classical
Download the mp3 | Track04     Love together
Download the mp3 | Track05     Là
Download the mp3 | Track06     Beyond