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Living forms formulated in a impressive oil painting. Decorate empty walls. Quality oil paintings on sale.

All living forms in a constant exchange of energy & powers. An impressive scenery of life. Fill your empty wall. Painting on sale. Quality oil paintings by LoveArtPassion.

All living forms are in a constant exchange of energy and powers - Picture Name: Living Forms - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

It is important to see that every entity can only exist because of the interaction of all organic matter. Future and past are imaginations of your mind. The only relevant is the hear and now, where all living forms are build. The mater which is formed is dissolved as soon it reaches its highest development.

Being there at the source of living forms. Gives you the power to accept the constant change in the worlds and galaxies you inhabit.

When ever change really comes never you will be asked, so get the power of acceptance. Then later judge to accept or not.
It is very important to get this power which tells you, some time the best to do is not to do...

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