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Butterfly, Metamorphosis cover of music album, artist Chris Staebler, Loveartpassion.com

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Loveartpassion.com. Best oil paintings. High quality fine art. See gallery, paintings on sale

Our collection includes different art movements, like photorealism, surrealism, abstract, fantasy and symbolism.
Love and passion for art, music, color, phantasy and the world is our strength.
Artist Chris Staebler, Founder of LoveArtPassion, Switzerland (discovered staeblering - stop insects). Read Biography

Fried Egg with Ants. Ants Going After a Fried Egg in the Desert. Visual & Sound Effect Voyage. Stop Insects & Rats. Save Lives & Energy. No Chemicals. Prevents Disease & Dust.
Discovered Feb. 2013 by Chris Staebler, Swiss. Artist & Founder LoveArtPassion.com™.
CNN iReport, February 7, 2013 & youTube. Worldwide Impact, 5 Million Views. Easy, Cheap, Fast, Durable & Effective. youTube English, Spanish & French. CNN English & Spanish.
Method - Staeblering. Stop Insects. Seal House & Rooms. 5-10 Minutes & Half Dollar to Do it.
The Last Judgment. Beautiful Oil Painting, Artist Chris Staebler

Loveartpassion.com Features in CNN iReport staeblering , advanced staeblering & specialized staeblering
Loveartpassion.com presenta en CNN iReport staeblering, español
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