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Life Forms | Painting with Music | Sensual Experience

Life Forms. Painting, art by Chris Staebler. Sensual experience with music. Great paintings, viewed in all world. Specially because our Global & Good Ideas

See & Hear Life-Forms, a Sensual Experience you Will Remember. Love, art & passion is the Goal

Amazing, as your mind focus on the painting. Different shades and forms are coming together to reveal life forms. Then it just vanished perhaps because a thought crossed our mind, like a cloud drifting in the blue of our mind. Focus again & other forms get in front other vanish in the background.
Even a small part of the universe like this painting bears the omni potential of creation, you experience the same in a splash of colour and the splash of colour called life.

Life Forms is Very Diverse as you Can Rotate the Painting

Every rotation gives advantage to certain selected forms which appear as a unity & mostly entities too. This is really a picture you could turn everyday, triggering new sites to the art work.

10:07 min. Smoking. Self Made Filter. Whiter Teeth. Health

Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

3:08 min. Nice Oil Paintings & Pictures 3 - Where-Ever it Goes