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Harmonic design at home. Paintings on Sale. Best oil & acrylic painting. The title La means home is a secret landscape.

Design of another world & anyway home. Secret landscape with wormhole. In constant evolution of harmonic colours & forms. Best acrylic painting. LoveArtPassion a global site.

La, the world is a constant evolution of colours and forms - Picture Name: La a Secret Landscape - Acrylic on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

In the center you see the next universal symbol appearing in the fabric of the universe. Above cosmic tentacles. It is the moment before the launch of the rockets. The steadiness of time and space is at risk.

La is a secret landscape where time and mater were still not separated. In the centre of La you still see the wormhole where this country came from.

There are many worlds out there in space and many landscape in us, still not explored. If ever you reach the centre of La do not hesitate and walk in the wormhole, escape time and space.

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