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Kundalini. See Light Body a Beautiful Painting. Visual Art and Sound Experience

Kundalini - Light Body. Beautiful painting with music. Visual art of the other dimension. Experience a visual & audio journey, through multiple art movements.

Kundalini is the Snake. Awaken it Heats the Spine. Chakras Prosper & Flourish

Then all energy channels in your body get freed. The chakras petals shine in their distinct colours. You are connected again to the universe and to your way, through this cruel and beautiful world.
And what if this life is only a glimpse to your whole potential - To be.

Light Body the Vehicle for Extraterrestrial Travelling

In this body which you see in the painting. Possibly you can go beyond galaxies and universe to reach the point of no return. You see the falling faces, shown in painting, this were your wrong identities. After the faces fall you are empty and ready for the new.

Trailer 1:17 min. Global & Good Ideas. Best Oil Paintings

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6:16 min. Stop Insects & Rats. No Chemicals. CNN iReport