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Flower heart, is an inspirational art work, an oil painting visualising the seat of feelings. Artist Chris Staebler.

Heart Flower is the seat of feelings. Deep inside I blossom. An inspirational art work. Experience your heart, feel the beat. Best oil painting on sale.
As an artist and not gallery sale professional, I would say that this sold impressive oil painting, appreciated a lot in value since sold in 2007. Because www.LoveArtPassion.com, founded by Christian Staebler 2008, was not yet active, now it is a world wide site, to Google search ranks, my name well known. www.LoveArtPassion.com with a huge potential to grow globally.

Flower Heart. Deep inside of you I blossom. I am the one magical flower which eases your pain and brings joy.

When you lay relaxed go deep inside of you, then experience your heart feel the beat and see the light which envelops you. Now you drift on the vibrations of the heart chacra.
How many times my heart get hurt in this some time cruel world? Then always I have to go there to find my energy and consciousness back.
Look at the picture for a while to appreciate the always new adventures your mind can take beyond space and time.

Heart flower stays on its cosmic stalks, which are leading water and dark mater to the living petals. The number of petals of this flower is endless.

Me, I am the only flower to have escaped the narrow boundaries of the world. I reached for the sky and was accepted. Then I went beyond time, space and imagination.
Now after having reached beyond, I came back in your heart, I am your heart chakra and if you concentrate it is easy to see and feel me through your senses.

7:06 min. Stop Rats. Stopping Insects too. CNN iReport

Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

2:32 min. Oil on Canvas - Relaxing Music 1 - Dreams & Reality