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Eye a wonderful oil painting, art movement surrealism. Most bizarre & best Painting. On Sale by www.LoveArtPassion.com

Most bizarre landscape, the world with eye. Wonderful oil painting. Art movement, best surrealism. Visionary pictures on sale, artist Chris Staebler, Swiss

Eye in a bizarre landscape. Contest by woman and elephant. Eye - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Timed by a clock with multiplying eyes. The squezzed eye produces many small eyes, which again will participate in a contest. I just left the table where I played with the bottle, the girl and the elephant. I stood up and dived in to the black pupil. I think this eye is looking at you and me. Is it the so cold big eye watching you? Now the clock start to ring it is over for now.

I just left the table with my space toys and was moving out of the extra dimension. Which was created when the big eye appeared for the first time.

Which was created when the big eye appeared for the first time.
Now constantly they are watching us and what we do. There are small eyes watching the small things you do and the big eye which sees through your heart and beyond.

5:11 min. Tscht. Fix Mouse Pad When Moving. Repair

Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

3:59 min. Beautiful Oil Paintings & Fine Art 4 - Experience