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Most Famous oil painting from artist Chris Staebler, Fried Egg with Ants. Start Screen youTube staeblering. Global & good ideas by LoveArtPassion.

Famous oil painting used as start screen in staeblering. Most famous, to eat in desert, is fried egg with ants. Staeblering global idea stopping insects & rats.
The unbelievable thing is that this impressive oil painting was created by Chris Staebler, shortly before he discovered staeblering - Global and good ideas to stop insects and rats. This fact seems to prove that in intuitive paintings lays a bit of our future development. Same is through for comic books, many ideas from comic and science fiction, judged as impossible, get realised tomorrow.

Fried egg with ants. Magnificent oil on danvas, Artist Chris Staebler, founder www.LoveArtPassion.com

Ants going after a fried egg thrown out of an airplane, by a so called sexy stewardess, over the desert in the Middle East. Do You know that ants show shadows in the lights. Make yourself really small then you see what I mean.

Walk through the famous dessert. Everybody who does that, sooner or later see this egg with and there on the ground, especially if you try without water.

He is walking upright our momentary hero, in the desert of never-end. The soon shines hot and also he took the advice to make the journey without water, to see as many eggs with ants as he would need to survive. Then it really happened, in the hottest time of day, he would see eggs with ants, sit in his own shadow and slowly chew.
Just now I woke up from my night dream, I was sitting in a air plane the menu was just served it smelled like fried egg with ants

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6:16 min. Stop Insects & Rats. No Chemicals. CNN iReport