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Element earth is the mother of humanity. A must see oil painting about birth and biosphere of planet earth.

World birth the creation act, a must see. A pregnant world creating all variation and forms. View element as you were Hubble in space. Mother of humanity as most impressive oil painting.

Our earth a living organism. Element Earth | Mother Earth - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Mother earth with foetus in the universe. Realise we all came from there or was it just our body. Then consciousness is unlimited true time and space.

Then was the act to get born. What was really born? Mater creates mater.

But I am afraid to say, so it must be done that sure we are not only mater - we are just very materialistic. Of course if we go in that desert, we won't see the beautiful source.

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4:35 min. Beautiful Oil Paintings & Pictures 5 - Escape All the Way