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Dream Time or Magician. Visionary Painting of Creation of Life

Dream Time, Magician. Visionary painting with sound effect. Creation of life, organism & plants born. Painting with vision, enjoy a perfect trip

See the End of the World. A Place Beyond any Border, Where the Magician Lives

The dream time magician. Creates life forms out of his materialising dreams. A long time ago he fall asleep and nobody knows when he will wake up. The magician was formed by the flowing rainbows which are appearing in the night sky when the moon shines on the black mountains.

Volcano in Snow, is the Seat of The Dream Time Magician.

It is said that only the volcano could wake up the magician. Volcano this is his seat when he sleeps. In every exhalation he creates and when he inhales he destroys. One day when you speak out, you will wake him up and he will be your companion. The best you can get - a good friend.

5:11 min. Tscht. Fix Mouse Pad When Moving. Repair

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3:59 min. Beautiful Oil Paintings & Fine Art 4 - Experience