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Other dimensions is a nice oil painting. It looks beautiful on a Wall.

Blue & nice painting - other dimensions. Best oil paintings, created in highest quality of subject & techniques. Our art works look beautiful on wall in house.

Change of reality and dimension in a blue, cloudy sky with bird. Other Dimensions - Oil paintings, Artist Chris Staebler

Fractal and cubic elements are created by a flying bird, finally the bird sees his mirroring picture. The other dimension is projected and the flight continues to the other world.

This bird is just finding a wormhole in the space between a cloud and the blue sky.

In an instant it will be vanishing in a parallel universe. For us we may see him again when our live here ends. And parallel dreams are developing and replacing our day & night dreams. There is a way out of this endless cycle by going in to a wormhole which leads to infinity.

8:34 min. Repairs. Stop Rats & Insects. CNN iReport

Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

3:08 min. Beautiful Music & Oil on Canvas 2 - Dreams & Reality