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Dancing one of the best designs. Beautiful oil paintings is fine art to decorate your house.

Dancing with wind a fine art oil painting. LoveArtPassion ahead in best, beautiful designs & subjects with deeper meanings. Decorate rooms with oil on canvas.

Dancing woman with the wind and the tree listens - Oil on canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Tree with Flying Cloth shows the otherwise not detectable element air. The element air lets you feel with out boundaries, your awareness goes beyond limitation and when I see you dance - it just took my breath away.

I am holding her hand she is like the wind, playing love games around the magical tree of eternal life.

All was like a pulsation the wind, the planet also the mirror on which she was standing was alive. The tree was speaking to her and told her the rules of magical girls. The one which will be married with the winds and will be free forever.

8:34 min. Repairs. Stop Rats & Insects. CNN iReport

Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

3:08 min. Beautiful Music & Oil on Canvas 2 - Dreams & Reality