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Cloud square is a beautiful oil painting and sure one of our best designs. As you see in this impressive picture, we have very good paintings on sale.Artist Chris Staebler

We show very beautiful & good designs, like cloud square. Seen on youTube globally and even on CNN iReport - staeblering. Best oil on canvas on sale. Paintings made by Artist Chris Staebler, Swiss

In a blue sky fractal clouds are forming squares. Cloud Square - Oil on Canvas |. Artist Chris Staebler

When ever you look at clouds you are looking in your mind. In the clouds every life form can be materialised. Do you see the horse with the rider?
Look at the picture for a while to see changing squares.

Big blue sky with cloud square fractal, see a new blue in the world, there in the sky the forms of clouds are ever changing.

Like a mirror of your mind but is it really your mid. Is it just borrowed or an accumulation of thoughts and behaviour. A mind which is blue is empty, thats element air transcendence. Which lets you reach clouds and change ever changing.
Dive inside and forget your form in ever changing forms. By Chris Staebler, Founder www.LoveArtPassion.com

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Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

3:08 min. Nice Oil Paintings & Pictures 3 - Where-Ever it Goes