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Great Paintings, Story & Sound Effects. Adventure 20K YouTube. Great Paintings, Story & Sound

We made a beautiful video 4K with story and sound effects for each oil painting. Artist Chris Staebler, Founder LoveArtPassion™. Art adventure you never experienced before. Our beautiful & challenging oil paintings have worldwide views and immersive impact. Explore fantasy and beauty.
We publish Global & Good Ideas LoveArtPassion™ too.
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Butterfly, Metamorphosis cover of music album, artist Chris Staebler, Loveartpassion.com

Adventure in the Depth of Mind & Soul

Immerse yourself in this high quality experience, which tells you the story of life, death & creation. New worlds in parallel universes are emerging in various super-mental stages to show you the unknown. A variety of art movements get exposed, phantasy, symbolism, surrealism & photorealism. Music composed & played by LAP.

The Creation of the World. Logo LoveArtPassion - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

See Best Oil Paintings with Sound Effects & Music - Take a Tour in our Gallery. Dream, Reality & Beyond

Oil paintings on sale In these challenging oil paintings you discover a new world, beautiful colours & natural forms. We always surprise & excite our audience. Jump into an adventure of not imaginable suspense & beauty.

Loveartpassion.com - LAP™ a youTube Partner & Featured in CNN iReport. May Love, Art & Passion be with You

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Indian Love Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler. 47.2 x 66.5 in = 120 x 169 cm. Contemporary art. Beautiful yellow rose in universe, called Indian love, a simply great painting. Showing life of a rose in universe.

Indian Love - Feel Spiritual Touch. The forming of the yellow rose out of stars over India was completed this night. Rose asks you:” Would you like to keep me as yellow colour in your love and live with me forever?”. You know the beautiful India yellow you gave in the wedding sari as sign of your love. For the country of India. The moment she spoke, was so intense that we heard the fire of the universe. The sky above India seemed to open, the yellow rose was emerging out of the cosmic fires and the roots stretched out across the world. A place of art and music got created.
You only need to pick up the energy of the roots.
Air Element. Create Water. Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. 36.6 x 27.5 in = 93 x 70 cm. Air breeze in a landscape of perfection. Air element creates water in a lake. As the cloth flies through the air, a lake gets created. A beautiful oil painting. Known in all the world as element air, which creates water. Paintings with the certain touch & value. Oil paintings on sale.

Air - Air Element. The wind in her hair made her look so beautiful, it was this instant in her life, that she became the element air and dissolved in my dreams. Air that's why we live and have sounds. In space everything falls silent, like in your dreamless stages at night. In the dreamless stages. Could it not be that this is our reality? Sure it is not this ever changing and never lasting forms of the world which air keeps alive. Every night we experience it and never anyway we have the slightest glimpse where we have been.
Have we not just walked at this magical lake of no return, blown away by air.
Earth Element. Mother Earth. Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. 46 x 31.5 in = 117 x 80 cm. Contemporary Oil Paintings. Artist Chris Staebler. Web Developer & Founder LoveArtPassion. Global & Good Ideas. Oil Paintings on sale. Videos. Software Development & Website.

Earth Element - Mother Earth. Element earth is the mother of humanity. A oil painting about birth and biosphere of planet earth. A birth out of the world, a creation act. A pregnant world creating all variations of forms and organism. View element as you were Hubble in space. Mother of humanity is a most impressive oil painting.
Our earth a living organism. Mother earth with foetus in the universe. Realise we all came from there or was it just our body. Then consciousness is unlimited true time and space. Then was the act to get born. Hear you crying. What was really born? Mater creates mater. I must say that sure we are not only mater because we are conscious that our body emerges from mater. Of course if we go in that desert, with small oasis, called life, we see the beautiful source Mother Earth. Through Identification with the body, we believe we will Die. Our problem is that we are just very materialistic. Only our body gets born out of the Source of Element Earth and dies. Remember the door. Then you were thrown in the world of changes and illusions.
Try to go Beyond, when you were One with the Universe. As in Your Dreamless State at Night.

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