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Artist Christian Staebler. Oil Painting. Global & Good Ideas. Music & Art Videos

Artist Christian Staebler. Oil painter, musician, photographer, web developer, designer & CNN iReporter. Global ideas: Staeblering stop insects, save lives worldwide. Art videos. Founder of LoveArtPassion™ from Swiss. Location Philippines.
Won award in paintings & sculptures. Switzerland, Bern. 3 June 1982. View, German & Press Publication View, German.
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Staeblering and other Good Ideas. Discovered by Christian Staebler

Do not miss. Best Global Ideas. Subjects: Stop insects & rats, smoking, filter self rolled cigarettes, air-con, mouse pad.
Made as art videos with atmospheric music. Relax with beautiful music, oil paintings and get to know some of the best tips in the world. Like how to stop deadly insects in home or on holidays in America and other parts of the world.

Fried Egg with Ants. Ants Going After a Fried Egg in the Desert. Visual & Sound Effect Voyage. Stop Insects & Rats. Save Lives & Energy. No Chemicals. Prevents Disease & Dust.
Discovered Feb. 2013 by Chris Staebler, Swiss. Artist & Founder LoveArtPassion.com™.
CNN iReport, February 7, 2013 & youTube. Worldwide Impact, 5 Million Views. Easy, Cheap, Fast, Durable & Effective. youTube English, Spanish & French. CNN English & Spanish.
Method - Staeblering. Stop Insects. Seal House & Rooms. 5-10 Minutes & Half Dollar to Do it.
The Last Judgment. Beautiful Oil Painting, Artist Chris Staebler

Biography. Artist Christian Staebler, Switzerland. Founder LoveArtPassion™ Gallery with Sound Effects

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Portrait of Chris Staebler or Christian Staebler. Swiss Artist & Founder of LoveArtPassion. Global & Good Ideas. Best Oil Paintings, Music & Art Videos. Web Development
Mandalas Art. Street Art in Swiss, 1980
Amazing Group Paintings with Friends
Mandalas Art. Street Art in Swiss, 1980. Artist & Founder Chris Staebler.
Beautiful Paintings with Sound. 1978
2 Artist's make 1 Picture. Incredible Teamwork
Rainbow Guitar. Water Colour. Two Artist's one Picture. A Incredible Teamwork. Artist & Founder Chris Staebler.
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Spiral of life - Skull with snake and women. Artist & Founder Chris Staebler

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