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Bright & Positive, Paintings with Sound. Ready for Adventure. Best Interior Design

Paintings with sound, an adventure. Best for interior design are oil paintings. Decorate home. Art tuned in rhythm of world.

Walk your way in life bright & positive because terrible things are going to happen anyway. Take comfort by seeing this paintings. Take a time - off - your thoughts. Then see everything through a new light of heighten awareness.
Whatever you Do, Do it in a Sense of Humour and Good Will. By Chris Staebler, Founder www.LoveArtPassion.com

Butterfly, Metamorphosis cover of music album, artist Chris Staebler, Loveartpassion.com

Paintings are on sale, Artist Christian Staebler, Swiss, Founder LoveArtPassion. Global & Good Ideas

Bright and positive thoughts lead you with much energy through your life. Whatever you may encounter. Stay bright and positive that is power. Free your spirit for further explorations to unknown worlds within you.

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View, same Beautiful Oil Paintings by Art Movements. We expose many Art Tendencies

Exposed Art Movements: photorealism, surrealism, fantastic, symbolism, expressionism & abstract - Beautiful.

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Art Theme - Bright & Positive. Fine Art, Oil Paintings. You Cannot Escape the Beauty and Radiancy of Oil Paintings

Zebra. Giraffes and Zebra in Front of the Mountain Matterhorn in Switzerland. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Element Air. Tree with Cloth Flying in the Air in a Swiss Landscape. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler
Element Air
Pharao - The Elephant Named Pharao,  Finds Pyramids, his Ancesters Built. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Dancing With the Wind. Dancing Woman with the Wind, Tree with Flying Cloth. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler
Dancing With the Wind
Swan arrival at sunset. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler.
To be. Pigeon in orion. A Picture of your consciousness. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
To Be
Sky Dome. Temple in blue. Blue sky with revealing Mercury and Jupiter. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Sky Dome
Flower of heart. Deep inside you I shine. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Flower of Heart
Birds in a blue sky. Other Dimensions. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Other Dimensions
Aeon is the Eternal Time Ending and Rebirth . See Buddha, Evil, Atomic Bomb, Woman Nude, Skull, Titanic, Yin and Yang. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Living Forms. The never ending creation of forms is based on interactions. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Living Forms
Universe. Woman nude. A girl creating the universe. Acryl on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.

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