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Blood Drop is a suffer of humans. Looks like a museum art paint. LoveArtPassion sells excellent oil paintings.

Human suffer with Blood Drop. Impressive oil painting. Excellent museum art. Reach out to suffering world. Vision of pain & despair.

Blood drop of a suffering woman on canes in a dark landscape. Blood Drop - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Was she coming out of a bizarre dream? Suddenly she stood next to me in this dark magical woods. I was not afraid I saw she was loosing blood. Would she be accepted…

Even if despair strikes you, do not give up. Live another day, it might subside.

And if there is no way out? What would I do? It is very hard to find answers. They may lay deep inside you, answers without words. Words & thoughts are like we, just temporary manifestation of the energy which is ever hyper penetrant in its dark mater.

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