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Portrait of Chris Staebler or Christian Staebler. Swiss Artist & Founder of LoveArtPassion. Global & Good Ideas. Best Oil Paintings, Music & Art Videos

Chris Staebler. Swiss Artist & Founder of LoveArtPassion™
Global & Good Ideas. Best Oil Paintings, Music & Art Videos

Artist Christian Staebler. Oil painter, musician, photographer, web developer, designer & CNN iReporter. Global ideas: Staeblering stop insects, save lives worldwide. Save Energy & Prevent Diseases. Art videos. Founder of LoveArtPassion™ from Switzerland.
Discovered Staeblering: Stop Insects & Rats. Save Lives & Energy. No Chemicals, Seal House. Dust Prevention. Featured in CNN iReport.
Christian Staebler also Chris Staebler. Artist. Born in Zurich. Lived in Biel, Bern, Basel and Zurich Switzerland.
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Gallery 3 - Street Art Group      Gallery 4 - Paintings with Sound

with Sound Effects by Chris Staebler. Artist, Web Developer and Founder LoveArtPassion™

What always interested me: "To Be, Consciousness and Dreams", by Artist Chris Staebler, Switzerland

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2017 Creation of LoveArtPassion.org - Website & software development. IOS & Android advanced. Content: design, video & sound. Indian programmers. Better rate, living in developing country.
2016 To come - Social Network, Amazing Interactive Multimedia Web Site www.LoveArtPassion.net™ Soon ;-)
2015 Joins Wikipedia Wikipedia. The goal would be to create an article about staeblering.
2015 Exhibitions - Projections of Oil Paintings in Vienna, Austria with PAKS Gallery. July 11 - 19 International Modern Art Fair Austria. August 14 - 30, 1st International Modern Art Austria Biennale. PAKS Gallery
2013 CNN iReport Features Staeblering in English & Spanish. This Success helps to Spread Great Ideas Worldwide.
Two other Videos about Staeblering too. Advanced staeblering (especially against Rats etc.) & Specialized Staeblering
Stop Insects & Rats. Save Lives & Energy. Best Global Ideas. Art Videos with Atmospheric Music by LoverArtPassion.
2013 Joining Social Web Sites Google+ , Twitter , FaceBook Private and FaceBook Business.
2013 First uploads to YouTube. Global Good Ideas, Best Pictures and Best Oil Paintings - Shown as Art Videos with Atmospheric Music by Loverartpassion.com. Good youTube and Google rankings. Graph points upwards.
2013 Intuitive New Global & Good Ideas just appear in my mind. Especially staeblering to Save Lives & Stop Insects. Save Energy & Billions of Dollars. Disease Prevention, especially Mal de Chagas, Dengue, Malaria etc.
And other Good Ideas about Smoking, Mouse Pad & Air-condition Made as youTube Art Videos with Music.
2008 Founding Enterprise www.LoveArtPassion.com™ Love & passion for Art, Music, Colour, Phantasy & the World is our Strength. LoveArtPassion gives you a Good Time, Creative Ideas & we Hope a Smile for the Day. Leaving Free-Art.
2007 Exhibition at www.die-quelle.ch Gallery & Meditation Centre, Bern, Swiss.
2007 Exhibition Art Gallery Kunst7 in Zurich, Switzerland.
2003 Moving from Switzerland to the Philippines.
1995 Foundation of Free-Art with Ueli Weidmann. Led to Intensive & Beautiful Design Works in Synthesis of Photography, Oil Painting & Computer Design. Production of Posters & Postcards with Great Designs & Subjects.
1982 Award - Paintings & Sculptures Project. Swiss, Bern. 3 June 1982. View, German & Press Publication German.
1981 Different Exhibitions in Bern. Art Works are Impressive Sculptures, Oil Paintings, Acrylic & Water Colour.
1980 Street Drawings in Switzerland. Mandalas - Impressive Art, Made by a Group of Artist's, Painters & Musicians.
Perhaps one of the First Big Sized Street Paintings Actions in the World. Done with Feeling of Love Art Passion.
1978 Teamwork with Friend. 2 Artist's make 1 Picture. A Incredible Beautiful and InterestingTeamwork.
1977 Yoga, Oil Painting & Music, in my Life's Centre. Also Spontaneous Art Actions with Special Photographic Effects.
1976 Sitar Music Lessons in India. Lesson by my Indian Teacher & Guru in Agra. Encounter with wonderful Taj Mahal.
1975 Trips Around the World at Early Age. Photography & Music & Yoga are Important Source of Energy.

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LoveArtPassion™ Featured in CNN iReport. Theme: Stop Insects & Save Lives. No Chemicals. Disease Prevention

Staeblering   Advanced Staeblering   Specialized Staeblering   Staeblering, ES

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Spiral of life - Skull with snake and women. Artist & Founder Chris Staebler

LoveArtPassion - YouTube MyChannel. Bronze Status. Artist & Founder Chris Staebler