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To Be. Wonderful oil painting. Best idea, ask me, invest in art. Enhance room quality at home.

Pigeon in orion painting, to be. See it with its transcendent meaning & effects on you. Your consciousness. To be or not to be. What's best. Rooms get enhanced with paintings

Pigeon with the stars of orion. A picture of your consciousness. To Be - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

How difficult to just exist, without future and past and the liberation when finally you are there. Let go and fly. Fly to the Orion and then continue until you find the hidden path which will lead you through a twisting path to yourself. Finally you are there and you doubt if you ever have gone for years the twisting path near on the edge of the cliffs where only you hear waves and see the stars of the orion.
Lets meet again in the midst of Orion.

What is anyway the difference between to be or not to be. What would you have chosen if you ever would have been asked.

Do you really believe all the religions and fairy tale. Then it would be almost you believe all my stories too. I read somewhere at the holy mountain that you should only believe in what you see and experience.

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Compass. Never loose your way by www.loveartpassion.com

6:16 min. Stop Insects & Rats. No Chemicals. CNN iReport