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Art Videos a Great Entertainment with Sound Effects & Stories. A New Experience & Adventure

We made a beautiful video 4K with story and sound effects for each oil painting. Artist Chris Staebler, Founder LoveArtPassion™. Art adventure you never experienced before. Our beautiful & challenging oil paintings have worldwide views and immersive impact. Explore fantasy and beauty.
We publish Global & Good Ideas LoveArtPassion™ too.
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Butterfly, Metamorphosis cover of music album, artist Chris Staebler, Loveartpassion.com

Adventure in the Depth of Mind & Soul

Immerse yourself in this high quality experience, which tells you the story of life, death & creation. New worlds in parallel universes are emerging in various super-mental stages to show you the unknown. A variety of art movements get exposed, phantasy, symbolism, surrealism & photorealism. Music composed & played by LAP.

The Creation of the World. Logo LoveArtPassion - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

See Best Oil Paintings with Sound Effects & Music - Take a Tour in our Gallery. Dream, Reality & Beyond

Oil paintings on sale In these challenging oil paintings you discover a new world, beautiful colours & natural forms. We always surprise & excite our audience. Jump into an adventure of not imaginable suspense & beauty.

Loveartpassion.com - LAP™ a youTube Partner & Featured in CNN iReport. May Love, Art & Passion be with You

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Creation World. Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler. 43.3 x 43.3 in = 110 x 110 cm. Logo of LoveArtPassion.com. Genesis an amazing, beautiful and unique video featuring the creation with love, art and passion.
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Billions of Years Ago Till Here & Now
The Coloured Monkeys Happy Creators of the Word of Illusions Are Painting & Enjoying Life.
Every Morning Before you Wake Up The World was just Newly Painted.
As you Sleep the Monkeys Take Erasers Then you are Really Free Dreams are Uncontrollable Free.
Who are We - We are Who
Blood Drop. Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. 63 x 56.3 in = 160 x 143 cm. Blood Drop describes extreme suffering of humans. Reach out to our suffering world. Vision of pain and despair.The painting looks like a museum art paint. www.LoveArtPassion.com sells excellent oil paintings.

Hear the Blood Drops Falling. Suffering woman on canes in a dark swampy landscape. Was she coming out of a bizarre dream? Suddenly she stood next to me in this dark magical woods. I was afraid I saw she was loosing blood. Would she be accepted for what she is...

Even if despair strikes you, do not give up. Live another day, it might subside. And if there is no way out? What would I do? It is very hard to find answers. They may lay deep inside you, answers without words.
Words and thoughts are like us, just temporary manifestations of energy which hyper penetrates dark mater.
Time Space. Video. View Painting. Oil on Canvas. Artist Chris Staebler. Available. Price Negotiable. 54.3 x 43.7 in = 138 x 111 cm. Beautiful Oil Painting. Artist Chris Staebler. Web Developer & Founder LoveArtPassion. Global & Good Ideas. Oil Paintings on sale. Videos. Software Development & Website.

Time Space - Vision of a Wormhole. Go Back to Your Childhood. Abstract oil painting with beautiful design & subject. Abstract vision of vanishing time & space, equal to world, in a wormhole. When time & space vanish it is spooky, because you will remain. You can exist without mater in this very moment. So plunge in the wormhole, on the crazy trip which you are always in - To find yourself - Why are you running so fast ... take a breath. In the spirals of blue and white time and mater vanished. Enter time machine. Experience with the jump into the picture which is a wormhole. . . You may go here or there, you always take yourself on the trip.
You may go here or there, you always take yourself on the trip. Time Space, let us go beyond together.

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