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Arrival a beautiful oil painting of the power of nature. LoveArtPassion shows, entertainment art & great paintings.

Arrival, a beautiful painting, the power of nature. Art entertainment of highest perfection, paintings & videos by www.LoveArtPassion.com - Global & Good Ideas.

At sunset the swan usually arrives from beyond. Arrival - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Did I call it by playing my flute - i may never know. His feathers shine golden in the sun as he lands on the life's ocean. The swan of purity and light it makes you innocent - innocent white, tumbling from your seat - flying with him back to the horizon.

When you see the swan in his power of nature and beauty, you realise that the source of beauty is to be who you are.

Leave all agreements, thought and desires behind you, lay down and relax. As more you approach your centre and leave all what was conditioned in you since you were born behind you. As more, you see the real you in its beauty and power.

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