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Alien footstep, a supernatural step. Oil on Canvas shown on youTube. Picture with exposure to worldwide views.

Supernatural step of alien. Best oil on canvas, on sale, worldwide views. Artist Chris Staebler, discovered staeblering. Painting natural forms. Super quality & defined art works - invest.

Alien footstep or the opposite side of us. Alien - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

When the alien steps in the sand near the ocean, it leaves such an imprint. I was suddenly aware that my footstep were unusual. So I took a picture with my camera. I was walking along a lonely beautiful beach. . .

And again I walked on the beach this day and encountered an alien. Why could I know that? Just see his footstep.

She is was a beautiful girl from another planet, there she said everybody is collaborating with each other. There were no countries this was changed thousands of years ago.
Through this planet wide collaboration her whole worlds inventions were accelerated to light speed development. She said before the big change of planet wide collaboration. There were even evolutionary wise behind us but then all changed.

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3:59 min. Beautiful Oil Paintings & Fine Art 4 - Experience