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Element air a landscape oil painting, with a certain touch of perfection.

Air breeze in a landscape of perfection, beautiful oil painting. Known in all world as element. Paintings with the certain touch & value. Oil paintings on sale

Tree with cloth flying in the air in a swiss landscape. Air - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

Symbol of the air which is filling space and time on earth and in ourselves. The life which breath the eternal air.
The wind in her hair made her look so beautiful, it was this instant in life she was the element air.

Air that's why we have sound, in space everything falls silent like in your dreamless stages at night.

In the dreamless stages. Could it not be that this is our reality? Sure it is not this ever changing and never lasting forms of the world. Every night we experience it and never anyway we have the slightest glimpse where we have been. Have we just walked at this magical lake.

10:07 min. Smoking. Self Made Filter. Whiter Teeth. Health

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3:08 min. Nice Oil Paintings & Pictures 3 - Where-Ever it Goes