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Aeon was the Big Bang. The end of times and new begin. Bringing again beauty in life. Wonderful Oil Painting

Aeon & Big Bang are synonyms. They created the beauty of life & its extinction. Visionary oil painting. How it all begun, when the end of time was the source.

Aeon is the eternal time ending and rebirth. Aeon - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

The time is unfolding. See buddha, evil, atomic bomb, woman nude, skull, titanic, yin and yang and all integral landscapes evolving and disappearing, ultimately forming a multi dimensional world.
Look at the picture for a while to appreciate the always new adventures your mind can take. Let you drift away in the endless forms of creation.

In infinite cycles repeating, with endless time dimensions is the Aeon evolving. Its signs like infinity.

Even if the evolution theory is correct, from an other point of view, all creation happens at once like in the painting. In a infinite small space time. There is no time. It is only a perception of us and how the physics in the world develops momentarily.

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