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Abstract. Timeless and Marvellous Oil Paintings on Sale. LoveArtPassion™. Artist Christian Staebler

Great oil paintings & abstract forms. Paintings with a underlying base subject. Timeless & marvellous. Abstract oil paintings on sale. Artist Christian Staebler, Swiss. Founder LoveArtPassion™. Global & Good Ideas. Best Oil Paintings.
Discovered: How to Stop Insects, Rats etc. Save Lives & Energy. CNN iReports, youTube & more.

Butterfly, Metamorphosis cover of music album, artist Chris Staebler, Loveartpassion.com Click. Email LoveArtPassion for more information & how to buy or print these beautiful oil paintings.

Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be slight, partial, or complete. Abstraction exists along a continuum. Even art that aims for verisimilitude of the highest degree can be said to be abstract, since perfect representation is likely to be exceedingly elusive. Artwork which takes liberties, altering for instance color and form in ways that are conspicuous, can be said to be partially abstract. Total abstraction bears no trace of any reference to anything recognisable. Text by Wikipedia

These paintings are on sale, Artist Christian Staebler, Swiss, Founder of LoveArtPassion - LAP. Global & Good Ideas

Artist Chris or Christian Staebler, discoverer of Staeblering - How to stop insects and rats. Save lives and energy.
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View, Beautiful Oil Paintings by Art Themes. Themes: Select Oil Paintings by Interest.

Art Themes of Oil Paintings: Blue. Elements. Bright & Positive. Dark, Despair & Crazy. Landscape. Flowers, Eyes & Eggs.

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Art Movement Abstract. Superb Oil Paintings

Element Water. Blue Water Waves with Rainbow Colors thats Energy. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Element Water
Flower of heart. Deep inside you I shine. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Flower of Heart
Clouds Square in a blue sky. The fractal process. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Cloud Square
Birds in a blue sky. Other Dimensions. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Other Dimensions
Time Space, let us go beyond together. Enter time machine. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.
Time Space
Organic. I love when organic forms are building up. Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler.

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