Logo of LoveArtPassion™. Oil painting. Artist & Founder Chris Staebler. Switzerland Space Time Travel - Wormhole Architecture, artist Chris Staebler, loveartpassion.com
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Immersive 3D-Video Art HD. Experience & Adventure Beyond Limits

Oil paintings featured in 3D-Video Art HD. Our beautiful & challenging oil paintings have worldwide impact, viewed in "Global & Good Ideas by LoveArtPassion™ ", especially in - Staeblering. Stop insects and rats. Save lives and energy.

Butterfly, Metamorphosis cover of music album, artist Chris Staebler, Loveartpassion.com

Adventure in the Depth of Mind & Soul

Immerse yourself in this high quality experience, which tells you the story of life, death & creation. New worlds in parallel universes are emerging in various super-mental stages to show you the unknown. A variety of art movements get exposed, phantasy, symbolism, surrealism & photorealism. Music composed & played by LAP.

Loveartpassion.com - LAP™ a youTube Partner & Featured in CNN iReport. May Love, Art & Passion be with You

The Creation of the World. Logo LoveArtPassion - Oil on Canvas, Artist Chris Staebler

See Best Oil Paintings with Sound Effects & Music - Take a Tour in our Gallery. Dream, Reality & Beyond

Oil paintings on sale In these challenging oil paintings you discover a new world, beautiful colours & natural forms. We always surprise & excite our audience. Jump into an adventure of not imaginable suspense & beauty.

Download Free, Atmospheric Music. World, Classical & Meditation Music by LAP®. Beautiful & Relaxing

Spiral of life - Skull with snake and women. Artist & Founder Chris Staebler LoveArtPassion.com, Founder Chris Staebler