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Global & good ideas. Oil paintings with sound effects. Distinct world art, good news, great videos & entertainment. CNN iReports: Stop insects, rats, spiders, snakes etc. No chemicals. Save lives & energy. Disease prevention in home & holidays, easy, fast, cheap, durable & effective. See also other good ideas, with world impact.
Love Art Passion™, is an immersive adventure & experience. Take your time & enjoy a trip to the unknown universe.

Fried Egg with Ants. Ants Going After a Fried Egg in the Desert. Visual & Sound Effect Voyage. Stop Insects & Rats. Save Lives & Energy. No Chemicals. Prevents Disease & Dust.
Discovered Feb. 2013 by Chris Staebler, Swiss. Artist & Founder LoveArtPassion.com™.
CNN iReport, February 7, 2013 & youTube. Worldwide Impact, 5 Million Views. Easy, Cheap, Fast, Durable & Effective. youTube English, Spanish & French. CNN English & Spanish.
Method - Staeblering. Stop Insects. Seal House & Rooms. 5-10 Minutes & Half Dollar to Do it.
The Last Judgment. Beautiful Oil Painting, Artist Chris Staebler
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On sale: Best Oil Paintings Artist Chris Staebler. Founder LoveArtPassion™, Switzerland. Discovered staeblering.
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Beautiful women lips. Artist & Founder Chris Staebler Inform yourself quickly. See and hear our Site News. Updated pages, sounds, paintings, events etc.

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Butterfly, Metamorphosis cover of music album, artist Chris Staebler, Loveartpassion.com

Best Quality Oil Paintings on Sale. Impressive in Technique, Subject & Themes. Artist Christian Staebler

Artist Chris & Christian Staebler. Founder LoveArtPassion, Swiss. Discovered staeblering. Read Biography
Paintings in different art movements, like photorealism, surrealism, abstract, fantastic, fantasy & symbolism.
Love & passion for art, music, colour, fantasy & the world is my strength. To Be, Consciousness & Dreams.

Gallery Tour Oil Paintings on Sale See Paintings with Sound Effect & Music. Gallery 1 , 2 & 3

Paintings, realized with intuition, love & passion. These awesome oil paintings, lead you to discover a new world, beautiful colours, sounds & natural forms. We always surprise & excite our audience.
We give you a good time, creative ideas, dreams, a bit of reality & we hope a smile for the day too :-)
Love and passion for art, color, ideas, phantasy and the world is our strength and devotion.

View, same Beautiful Oil Paintings by Art Movements. We expose many Art Tendencies.
Exposed Art Movements: photorealism, surrealism, fantastic, symbolism, expressionism & abstract.
View, Beautiful Oil Paintings by Art Themes. Themes: Selected Oil Paintings by Interest
Art Themes of Oil Paintings: Blue. Elements. Bright & Positive. Dark, Despair & Crazy. Landscape. Flowers, Eyes & Eggs.
Great Art Videos with Atmospheric Music, Best Oil Paintings & Pictures on Sale. See Beautiful & Impressive Videos Listen & Download Free Atmospheric, Classical & Meditation Music. Play Music sets heart & mind free, listen & relax. Other Good Tips & Best Ideas like staeblering (english, español, français). 6 Global Ideas & Art Videos with Music.

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